Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck, which can be lifted to a good height. With the advancement of the transport technologies, we are trying to find ways to find simpler and commercial technologies. In today scenario dump  trucks  are  worn  to  transportation  of  materials  till now   they   are   operating   by   hydraulic   cylinders. It also  requires  a  cylinder  with  greater  diameter  so  that  is can  bear  the  weight  of  the  materials  in  the  truck. This requires  a  large  space  to  house  the  cylinder  and  also  the cylinder is prone to damages as it has to bear heavy loads. The hydraulic dumping mechanisms used in dump trucks are generally one of two types. The most common type involves the use of one or more hydraulic pistons to lift the end of the dump box that is nearest to the cab. This causes the entire dump box to tilt, dumping whatever is contained within it. The raw material used to fabricate these products is of optimum quality, ensuring that the entire range complies with the international standards of quality.